sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2012


"And they said that in our time, all that´s good will fall from grace.
Even saints would turn their face, In our time." 

"And they told us that in our days, Different words said in different ways,
have other meaning from he who says, in our time."

"And they said thatin our time, we would reap from their legacy,
we would learn from what they had seen, In our time."

"And they told us that in our days, we would know what was high on high,
we would follow and not defy, In our time."

" Give us this day all that you showed me. The power and the glory´till thy kingdom come."

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 Feliz Fin de semana!!
 Happy weekend!!

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Sacramento Amate dijo...

Fabulosa y me encantan tus gafas.